Chinese entertainment industry sees another bomb drop: top singers to raise child out of wedlock – Global Times

Hua Chenyu Photo: Weibo

On Friday, top Chinese singers Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen suddenly revealed that they had a baby together in 2018 and are set on raising the child together even though they are no longer in a relationship. The bomb following the surrogacy scandal involving Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has sparked another wave of discussion on Chinese social media about having children out of wedlock.

Although there had long been rumors that the two had once dated, they had never publicly revealed their relationship.  

Then, in a post on Sina Weibo on Friday, Hua, who has more than 30 million followers on the platform, wrote “Yes, we have a child.” Soon after, Zhang stepped forward and talked about how she gave birth to the child alone in the US and held the news back from Hua.

Zhang Bichen  Photo: CFP

Zhang said that she discovered she was pregnant at a time when Hua’s career was on the rise, so she decided to raise the child on her own as they had already broken up. The post did not mention when Hua found out he was a father, just that the singer was surprised and happy after he was told about the child.

Hua’s studio also posted a statement saying that Hua and Zhang will not get married but for the sake of the child the two singers will continue to raise her together.

The news began trending on Sina Weibo almost immediately. Expressing astonishment at first, netizens soon began talking