Controversial Chinese writer suspected of breaching agreement after apologizing for plagiarism – Global Times

Guo Jingming file photo:VCG

Controversial Chinese writer Guo Jingming has once again become the target of criticism on social media for not keeping his promise to financially compensate Zhuang Yu, the author he plagiarized.

On December 30, 2020, Guo had issued a long-awaited public apology on Sina Weibo for copying writer Zhuang’s original novel In and Out of the Circle in his full-length 2003 novel Never Flowers in Never Dreams and promised to compensate Zhuang with all his income from the novel.

They later reached an agreement to use the income for establishing a foundation for anti-plagiarism.
On Tuesday, Zhuang posted on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo that she had donated all her earnings from In and Out of the Circle, about 450,000 yuan ($69,587) to the anti-plagiarism foundation co-built by Zhuang and Guo. 

However, according to Guo Jingming’s agent, the revenue calculation for the novel Never Flowers in Never Dreams is still in progress and that they cannot yet commit to a specific amount. 

“I hope Mr. Guo Jingming can announce the details to the public as soon as possible. The amount should be directly donated to the foundation account after it is established,” Zhuang wrote. 

The hashtag that “Zhuang Yu urges Guo Jingming to disclose his income” has earned 140 million views on Sina Weibo. Many Chinese netizens criticized Guo, saying he was acting immorally, while some said they suspected that he “is likely to use the time to launder the money by transfering the novel’s income to other places.”

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