Tencent Officially Launches Call Of Duty: Mobile In China – InsideSport

The Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter video game that was developed by TiMi Studios and was published by Activision and Garena in October 2019. After the game was launched, Activision and Tencent began its work on how to get authorization in China, and that hussle has finally borne fruits a year and two months later.

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the title had got its licensing back in August 2020 that was followed by the testing of the game and now the game has finally hit shores and on 25th December 2020, Tencent Timi Studio and Activision announced on their Weibo page that the game is available now available in China.

Call of Duty: Mobile has had over 300 million downloads since it was launched, barring  China’s release. Before its release in China, over 70 million players pre-registered for Call of Duty: Mobile’s China before the launch day. To make the launch more successful, Tencent partnered with local celebrities in China so that they could release the trailer of the game.