Chinese hit drama and film to be adapted into animated series in 2021 – Global Times

Chinese historical suspense drama The Longest Day In Chang’an began trending on social media after Bilibili, a popular Chinese video-sharing website, announced on Saturday that it will be producing an animated adaptation that is expected to be released in 2021.

Promotional material for The Longest Day in Chang’an Photo: IC

The Longest Day In Chang’an takes place in the vibrant capital city Chang’an [today’s Xi’an in Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province] during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). 

The film tells the story of a condemned prisoner (Lei Jiayin) who is given 24- houramnesty to save the city from terrorist attacks  alongside a young intelligence officer (Jackson Yee).

The anime will be called The Longest Day In Chang’an: The White Night Walkers and consist of 12 20-minute episodes. The story will differ slightly from both the TV show and the novel upon which it is based. For example, the young intelligence officer Li Bi has been changed to a young ranger named Xu Jun.

A promotional video for the cartoon’s characters that was released on Sunday has been praised by Chinese netizens.

“Many are new characters that have not been seen before, but their styling and voiceovers feel pretty good. The architectural design of Chang’an is also fantastic. I am really excited to see it soon,” one Chinese netizen commented on Sina Weibo.

The hit drama of 2019, The Longest Day In Chang’an has won several awards at various film festivals both in China and abroad including the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the