Happy Birthday Ma Huateng: The Man Who Owns Facebook, WhatsApp Of China – Dazeinfo

The winning horse of the Chinese internet market and one among the Chinese billionaires, though not started anything unique and innovative but executed them in China like ever before. Ma Huateng nicknamed as Pony Ma established a local internet empire Tencent Holdings Ltd., (HKG:0700) offering instant messaging services, gaming, eCommerce, and lot more. In less than two decades, Pony Ma turned Tencent worth $509.7 billion Company. Today Tencent owns many popular services, including WeChat and QQ. Interestingly, WeChat and QQ are one of the most popular mobile messaging apps, worldwide, based on the number of monthly active users.

The personal life of this successful co-founder, though, remained mystery owing to his reclusive nature, on his 49th birth anniversary, here are few less known yet interesting facts about the legend.

Name: Ma Huateng (Pony Ma)


Date of Birth: October 29, 1971

Net Worth: $59.3 billion

  • Contrary to the fact that Silicon Valley has been the birthplace for all technical innovations, Ma Huateng established the tech empire in China. As a child, he always dreamt of being an astronomer but ended up empowering bright future for China. Till date, however, he remains enthusiastic about creating something new out of technical innovations.
  • Pony Ma is popularly known as “Brother Pony” among his colleagues and employees. He earned the title in return