PLA issues new equipment to protect frontline soldiers from extreme weather in Xinjiang and Tibet – Global Times

Frontline soldiers patrol in new equipment. Photo: People’s Liberation Army Daily

Chinese patrol soldiers in the plateau areas have been equipped with new equipment and suits, including glare-reducing lenses, multifunctional kettles and cold protective suits, to protect them from extreme weather, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily reported Monday. 

The new equipment meets soldiers’ needs not only in daily life but also for actual combat, demonstrating the Chinese military’s improvement in uniform support level, it said.  

According to the report, a total of 15 kinds of equipment and suits were supplied to meet the requirements of patrolling in temperatures ranging from – 40 C to 30 C. 

New functional materials have been used in the new equipment to reduce their weight by an average of 12 percent, PLA Daily reported, citing personnel in charge of the new equipment.  

A starry sky uniform, on which five colors are used, applies principles of optical illusion to keep soldiers camouflaged. 

New plush materials can halve the weight of clothes and quick-drying underclothes can prevent soldiers from feeling cold after heavy sweating.

The clothes are light and can be compressed down to a very small size for ease of carry, decreasing the damage rate during patrols while improving duty efficacy, a frontline soldier in Motuo, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, told the PLA Daily. 

Motuo is located in southeastern Tibet. With mountains and forests, the area has a very complex climate, PLA Daily noted.  

Frontline soldiers patrol in new equipment. Photo: People’s Liberation Army Daily

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