Sports fans rejoice over Morey’s resignation as he ‘obstructed NBA’s ties with China’ – Global Times

Photo: CFP

“It is the result he deserves,” many Chinese sports fans said on Sina Weibo after news that Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey left his post went viral on Friday, saying it is overdue as Morey obstructed ties between China and the NBA with his irresponsible remarks.

The Rockets confirmed the news with the Global Times on Friday in a statement.

A spokesperson of the China Central Television (CCTV) sports channel said on Friday morning that they have no comments about Morey’s resignation, but emphasized that any words and deeds that attempt to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people will have to pay a price.

CCTV resumed broadcasts of NBA matches last week after a one-year suspension, following Morey’s since-deleted tweet in support of Hong Kong rioters. A CCTV spokesperson told the media that it was a normal arrangement considering the popularity of basketball in China, and domestic fans want to watch the games.

“Morey stepping down” became a trending topic on Sina Weibo, with over 67 million views in two hours. Many said they believe that Morey’s prejudice and irresponsible words were one of the reasons hindering the previously fruitful cultural and sports exchanges between China and the US.

Su Qun, a senior NBA commentator, said in a Weibo post that, “everyone is happy based on this result.”

Some observers believe that Morley’s self-inflicted wounds serve as a reminder to other companies and organizations that might look down on Chinese people. The fact is that hurting Chinese people’s national sentiments will