Cornellian Content Creators Relieved as TikTok and WeChat Survive Latest Legal Challenge – Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

President Trump’s announcement in August that TikTok may be banned sent the popular social media app’s creators and users into a flurry. However, two months later, the ban was halted by a federal injunction — allowing Cornellians, at least for now, to continue using the app.

On Aug. 6, Trump issued an executive order that called for the removal of TikTok and WeChat from U.S. app stores, claiming that the Chinese-owned social media companies — Tencent and ByteDance — posed a significant threat to national security and U.S. privacy. Key leaders from both parties have raised similar concerns over the safety of the two platforms.

The ban, which intended to prevent Americans from downloading the two apps, was initially supposed to go into effect last Sunday on Sept. 27, before a ruling by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia temporarily scuttled the administration’s plans.

Cornell TikTok star Melissa Kwakye-Dankwa ’22 — who currently has nearly 240 thousand followers on the platform — said she would be disheartened if the app was ultimately banned. Her channel, which she said sprung out of the boredom of quarantine, made her feel more connected with other creators in the African community.

“There has never been a social media that unifies groups of people, allows you to build community, in this way,” said Kwakye-Dankwa, who expressed faith that the app would ultimately survive its legal challenges.

TikTok however is not the only app potentially on the cutting board: WeChat, one of the world’s