As US West Coast burns, false rumors spread like wildfire on Chinese social media – Global Voices

Screen capture from video via Tire and Fire.

False rumors alleging that the fires ravaging the United States’ West Coast were caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are spreading on Chinese social media, including on Twitter, Weibo, and WeChat.

A video showing flames being shot out of a helicopter is being presented as hard evidence to support the false claim, which has spread on Twitter and other social media platforms amongst Chinese political dissents. This post of the video received over 4,000 retweets:

CCP spy drone got caught. On the 9th (of September), officials from the FBI revealed that the U.S National Security Bureau’s investigation showed that the wildfire spread along the west coast had sparked along the forest highways. The house of 57-year-old Chinese American Li Jianjun who had migrated to the U.S for 20 years was searched. A video was found on his computer. The GPS record on his car shows that he travelled to the fire district many times in early August. The CCP’s unrestricted warfare has extremely high ROI (Return on Investment) — by investing $10K, it can cost $10 billion damage. Assassinations and destructions are usually packaged as personal conflicts.

Several Chinese language fact-checking organizations have debunked the claim.

The video was originally posted by an automotive news site called Tire Meets Road as part of an article on the