Trump’s plasma ‘breakthrough’ an ‘awkward boast,’ shows election anxiety: experts – Global Times

A recovered COVID-19 patient donates plasma on a blood donation bus in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 27, 2020. Two recovered patients of novel coronavirus infection donated plasma in Beijing. Photo:Xinhua

Touting the use of blood plasma donated by people who have recovered to treat COVID-19 patients as a “breakthrough” is nothing more than an “awkward boast” by US President Donald Trump, as the therapy, despite being used in China for curing COVID-19 patients, was only limited as an exploratory treatment since six months ago. Chinese netizens and experts said it would be more of a “breakthrough” for the president attempting to repair his sagging popularity ahead of the presidential election.

Trump claimed that convalescent plasma was a “powerful therapy” that had an “incredible rate of success”, and his emergency authorization could “dramatically expand access to this treatment” at a press conference on Sunday, prompting ridicule on Chinese social media on Monday. 

“Shock! A method that has been found to be effective and been used in China’s clinical treatment from half a year ago just being discovered by the US,” a Chinese netizen commented. Another said, “Compared to Trump’s disinfectant injection idea for treating COVID-19, it is indeed a breakthrough.”

The topic of Trump authorized convalescent plasma treatment generated over 220 million views as of time on Sina Weibo.

Convalescent plasma is purely an emergency way of treating severely ill COVID-19 patients, and is not a new method, as it proved effective in the very early stages of the epidemic in Wuhan, Central