Cerabino: Here’s the dirt on those seeds you got in the mail from China – Palm Beach Post

Floridians have complained about receiving mysterious and unsolicited packets of seeds in the mail from China. Is it a hoax, a prank, an internet scam, an act of agricultural bioterrorism?

The seeds in the mail from China are … well … seeds in the mail from China.

The Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services has been warning state residents about getting unsolicited deliveries of seed packets in the mail.

The seeds have been arriving in packages that contain Chinese characters and the words “China Post.”

And some people have been freaking out for reasons both good and bad.

“Plant seeds from unknown sources may introduce dangerous pathogens, diseases, or invasive species into Florida, putting agriculture and our state’s plant, animal, and human health at risk,” Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced.

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“Anyone receiving these suspicious seed packets should not open them, should not plant them, should limit contact with them, and should report them immediately to both our department and USDA officials.”

Holy covidaisy, Batman!

It didn’t take long for social media to be abuzz with China conspiracies and theories of garden-based warfare.

“They are terrorizing us!” a Twitter poster warned. “This is new age terrorism! First they send the plague and now mystery seeds? #Trump2020.”

Reminds me of that year where Clowns just started randomly appearing from the woods, and we all just had to accept it as reality.

— Garrett D. Bogle (@DunkleGrande) July 30, 2020

Or this one: “Reminds