WeChat and Weibo Just Got More Strict on Content Rules – That’s Online

Goodbye spam accounts and plagiarists. In accordance with the Cyberspace Administration of China, social media giants WeChat and Weibo respectively issued announcements on the crackdown of malicious and sensationalist content on their platforms. 

Yesterday, WeChat issued a notice announcing their focus on four areas of improvement. Firstly, they will “severely crack down on ‘sensationalist headlines,’ malicious marketing and the fabrication and spread of rumors.” Secondly, they will improve and upgrade platform operating rules and management methods, adding severe penalties for malicious accounts and for those who engage in the above-mentioned acts after verification.

Next, they will focus on high-quality, accurate, objective content. Lastly, WeChat will look to improve content protection and complaint mechanisms, looking to protect the rights of high-quality content creators. 

Weibo will also be moving in the same direction, with a focus on removing pornographic and vulgar content. The site has already pumped the brakes on 136 accounts, closing 125 and banning 11 from the platform. To see whether any accounts you follow have been removed, click here to browse the list. 

Among the 136 accounts, 35 had more than one million fans, 90 had one million to 100,000 fans, and 11 had 100,000 to 10,000 fans.

The screen.png
Loading page for accounts that have been shut down (not sure what to make of the cartoon…). Screengrab via Weibo

WeChat imposed more restrictions on Official Accounts (公众号) earlier this year. For example, individuals can only register for two Official Accounts from five,