Mini programs are the new mobile app growth driver: report – TechNode

Mini programs are an increasingly important growth driver for apps, functioning as an entry point for Chinese mobile users to access online services, according to a recent report on Chinese internet trends in the first half of the year.

Why it matters: These lightweight applications are becoming must-have features for mainstream apps. They offer a diverse range of functions without requiring users to download separate programs or leave the main app.

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Details: Monthly active users (MAU) for Wechat mini programs reached 829 million in June, up 11.6% year on year compared with 743 million a year ago, according to a Quest Mobile report published on Tuesday.

  • Mini programs are an important channel for main apps, especially those offering high-frequency services like food delivery, according to the report.
  • Eleme’s main app had 45 million MAUs as of June, while its mini program on the Alipay app had 33 million MAUs, with just 1.65 million overlapping users. Meituan’s Wechat mini program meanwhile had 97 million MAUs in June, almost double the main app’s 54 million.
  • Mini programs offer a lightweight, convenient way to try out a limited version of a service, and are a crucial channel for apps to acquire new users who want to use the full range of services, the report said.
  • Lifestyle services was the most popular category among Wechat mini program users in June, followed by video, shopping, tools, and transportation. Lifestyle services and video also topped the charts for Alipay and