Why Can’t Mando-pop King Jay Chou Take Chinese Music Global? – Pandaily

Mando-pop megastar Jay Chou has recently popped back into the spotlight by trending on Chinese social media. When his new single Mojito dropped on Chinese streaming platform QQ Music at midnight on June 12, it crashed the servers due to the heavy traffic it accumulated.

Within just a few hours after its release, sales of the digital song reached more than 10 million yuan ($1.4 million), the Global Times reported. It is China’s most viral song of 2020 so far, with 10 million copies sold.

“Our boy is coming back,” long-time fans said on social media. “I feel like I’m young again.”

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I, along with other millennials, was obsessed with Jay Chou in school and grew up listening to him. But I found it difficult to explain this obsession to people outside of Chinese-speaking circles. With artists like BTS topping the U.S. music charts, it’s understandable if you know only K-pop as the main genre of music