Twitter Busts China’s Info War Campaign Against Hong Kong, Pandemic – Forbes

It may be hard to believe, but Twitter TWTR has helped take down what has been called the Wu Mao army, or the 50-Cent Army of pro-China, anti-Trump, anti-Hong Kong protester Twitter accounts that made Russia’s 2016 influence campaign on Facebook look like child’s play.

The “50 Cent Army” is a group of state-backed internet commenters whose numbers have reportedly ranged from 500,000 to two million, the U.S. government funded Voice of America wrote in October 2016. The root of the nickname – the idea that the government pays 0.50 renminbi per pro-China post – was debunked as conspiracy.

Wu Mao is considered a common online insult in China’s social media lexicon, but they’re real and they got revealed by Twitter on Friday.

What Twitter Did