Chinese Museum Influencer Talks Deep Dive Tours & WeChat – Jing Travel

This post originally appeared on MuseumNext and WeGoEU, a company that connects European businesses with Chinese travellers through WeChat mini program.

When Yan Song was studying in Shanghai, his favorite pastime was roaming around museums. “Museums have emerged like bamboo shoots after the rain and visiting museums has become a trend. But back in 2008, not many young people were interested in museums,” recalls Song. “When the artist Yayoi Kusama came to Shanghai art museum, I was one of the few audience there.” In 2016, Song came to the Netherlands to pursue the Phd at Delft University of Technology. The Netherlands has the highest density of museums in the world, making it an ideal place to study for the budding influencer.

After visiting over 400 museums, he started a WeChat account called “Pisces Young Man” (双鱼少爷) beginning his journey as an influencer by sharing his authentic reviews and recommendations for the special exhibitions. “At first, I felt shy so I was hiding behind WeChat. Then I received many messages from followers. They urged me to lead museum tours,” says Song. “I thought this may be an opportunity to meet more like-minded friends and enjoy quality time together.” That’s how he started guiding museum tours in Chinese. For Song, being an influencer means sharing his views on how museums can attract Chinese audiences and embrace Mini Programs smartly.

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