Director says Singaporean actress Eleanor Lee ‘stressed’ over A Chinese Ghost Story remake – The Independent

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The remake of the 1987 movie A Chinese Ghost Story was launched on May 1 in China on Tencent Video. Titled The Enchanting Phantom, the director Lin Zhenzhao and the main actress Eleanor Lee were concerned on how the fans of A Chinese Ghost Story would respond to the remake. However it has been received positively so far. It is not easy to remake a classic as it could backfire and not live up to expectations. The fear of failure occurred to director Lin Zhenzhao and Singaporean actress Eleanor Lee, 20. Eleanor played the role that brought Taiwanese actress Joey Wong Choi-yin to fame in the late 1980s.

According to Lin, doing a remake of a classic is stressful for the director and cast. Although it brings a lot of publicity, Lin said that it is hard to outshine the original and fans might react negatively. He added that Eleanor lives in Singapore and is not well versed about classic Chinese culture. Because of that, she was stressed at the beginning of filming as she has big shoes to fill but Lin noted that the young actress is smart and she got used to it.

Singaporean actress Eleanor Lee plays Nip in the latest remake of A Chinese Ghost Story. Picture: Instagram

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