Restricting Chinese Journalist Visas Will Not Stop China’s Propaganda Campaigns – The Diplomat

The United States continues to escalate its diplomatic struggles with China by tightening its visa approval policies for journalists from the country. Accusing China of “suppressing independent journalism,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued new regulations on journalist visas granted to Chinese nationals. Starting on Monday, DHS officials will be allowed to review those visa applications more frequently. And instead of the original open-ended visas, the new journalist visas granted to Chinese nationals will be limited to 90 days, with the possibility of extensions.

This is the latest move made by the Trump administration in its ongoing diplomatic conflicts with China. Starting earlier this year, the administration limited the number of Chinese state media personnel able to operate within the United States, which was itself a response to China expelling American journalists in China. The Trump administration’s latest measure is also consistent with its long-time “America First” policies. Earlier in April, Trump also signed an executive order to temporarily halt immigration.

A senior official from DHS claimed that the latest restrictions on reporters who hold Chinese passports will more effectively protect national security, the steps would not address the latest controversies caused by reporters of different nationalities hired by Chinese state media. Furthermore, blanket restrictions based on nationality will not help the United States hold China accountable for respecting the freedom of the press, nor will it help U.S. reporters in China.

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