Decoded: WeChat Official Accounts for Cultural Destinations – Jing Travel

In China, few visits to cultural destinations take place without the guiding hand of WeChat. From gargantuan state-run museums to private art galleries, Tencent’s multi-functional application has become an essential channel for marketing, broadcasting, and generating revenue. 

Consider the following sequence: a user reads an exhibition article on a museum’s official account and purchases a ticket, once onsite, the user browses maps, delves into the exhibition with audio-visual content, buys a souvenir, and posts about the experience — all using WeChat.    

For global cultural institutions hoping to develop brand awareness, boost audience engagement, and welcome Chinese visitors dynamically, no tool is more valuable than WeChat Official Accounts. 

WeChat Official Accounts

From state-run museums, to boutique art galleries, to cinema and restaurant chains, the full spectrum of China’s entertainment sector use WeChat Official Accounts to keep audiences informed, offer special promotions, facilitate visits, and much more. Image: Peter Huang

Overview — WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat offers different type of Official Accounts and the first step is to determine which one(s) best match your institution’s needs;

WeChat Official Accounts

Public Accounts are a cross-industry tool to engage WeChat’s 1 billion users, in 2020 there were 20 million