Africans In China: Social Media Posts Verses Reality – Front Page Africa

Beijing – China is a peaceful place where all laws abiding foreigners are treated equally irrespective of race. Regarding the recent allegation that Africans including Liberians are being mistreated, I will like to take this time to relief stress from our family members and friends back home of the scaring information that is flying all on social media regarding the maltreatment of foreigners especially black people in china.

By: Boakai Karllon Wilson, Contributing Writer

I am presenting doing my master’s in International Education of Chinese Language at the Beijing Language and Cultural University.

Since the outbreak of Covid 19, all students that are on their various universities campuses are safe and no student from any part of China has been reported of any issue with regards to ill-treatment. Since January, all students were mandated not to leave their school’s campuses, and nobody from outside is allow to come in, this was and is a preventive measure to protect students from contacting the virus.

The ministry of Education of China authorized various schools to organize special monitoring unit to check the temperature of each and students every morning and afternoon to ensure that we are safe. Moreover, every student are to report to their various departments and supervisors regarding their daily health status.

Even as that, immediately after the passing of the preventive measure restrictions, there was an instance where two other Liberian students came from Nanjing