Who is Kris Wu? The Story Behind the Chinese Pop Idol Testing International Waters – RADII

You don’t get to 49 million followers without a few haters. That’s Kris Wu’s following on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

With an impressive collection of memes, diss tracks and failed freestyles to his name, pop star Kris Wu is as polarizing as he is popular. From igniting a fan war with Arianators to starting beef with the underground rap scene, the Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter is no stranger to controversy; his every move invites scrutiny and speculation.

But love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him. The 29-year-old has dominated China’s entertainment industry: starring in blockbusters, topping music charts, and modeling for major brands — often as the “first Chinese” to do so. More recently, he helped usher in a new era of hip hop at the helm of the hit TV show The Rap of China.

Now, after a cheeky collaboration with former EXO bandmate Luhan, he’s dropping a new EP — Testing — on April 22, a follow up to his heavily autotuned debut album Antares. Over the weekend of April 18-19, Testing was pre-ordered an incredible 1 million times in just 87 minutes on Tencent’s streaming platform QQ Music, while related hashtags spurred by his 49 million followers on the Twitter-like Weibo gained tens of thousands of views.

So, who is Kris Wu? Here’s what you need to know