Apple is notoriously strict with App Store rules, but gives China’s WeChat a free pass – Reclaim The Net

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Apple is notoriously strict with iPhones. You may own the phone, but it’s Apple that gets to decide what apps you’re allowed to run on it.

If Apple decides an app isn’t allowed in the App Store, you’re not allowed to use it.

While many app developers have spent months or even years working on apps for iPhones, only to find that Apple rejects their app and refuses their access to the market – Apple seems to be making exceptions for China’s WeChat app.

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Why would notoriously-draconian Apple allow China’s most popular app to skirt the rules?

WeChat is so popular that Chinese citizens beg to be allowed back on the platform when they get banned for criticizing the Chinese government, or when they try to warn people about certain viral outbreaks, or when they support Hong Kong.

Ironically, Apple, which helped the mobile app gain popularity, is now being seriously threatened by the app’s popularity.

WeChat is developed by Chinese state-backed Tencent and combines the functionality of messaging, social media, and e-payments.

Due to these functionalities, WeChat has become the most important application for many Chinese smartphone users. WeChat became widely popular especially when its iPhone app was launched several years ago.

In itself, WeChat